Crystals & Healing


Crystals & Their Natural Healing Properties

At GiraSoul Jewels, we offer an elegant experience to natrual crystal healing.

The Earth naturally grows different plants & minerals that can be used to aid in the healing process of the human mind, body, and soul. Wild grown lavender can be used to relieve swelling, chamomile can aid in anxiety relief, and ginger is great for combatting nausea and motion sickness. These are just a few of the many healing properties of these common plants.

Similarly, natural Earth-grown crystals can be collected and used for different healing including anything from anxiety to physical pain.

GiraSoul Jewels are handmade jewelry that are made using a variety of these natural crystals!

All pieces are handmade, one by one, and tested to perfection. We use highest quality natural crystals, as well as sterling silver and 14-24k gold. With our handmade, natural crystal jewels, you can indulge in a world of natural crystal healing, and look good while you do it! Each GiraSoul jewel has a unique combination of natural healing, based off of the crystals used. Below is a list of crystals and the healing that they naturally possess.

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