About GiraSoul Jewels

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Pushing through & overcoming…

GiraSoul Jewels was founded by me, Bimi! I am a 2016 graduate of the illustrious North Carolina Central University. After graduation, I moved to Houston and began teaching. Little did I know, this move would be the beginning of EVERYTHING. While in Houston, I battled one of my darkest moments of depression, and as a person with a long list of relatives fighting that same fight, I  decided to take action! I began creating hair jewels as a form of therapy and eventually, GiraSoul Jewels was born. GiraSoul Jewels are handmade, all natural crystal healing jewelry, created to aid clients with finding that perfect balance of a healthy mind, body, & soul. All pieces were created with love, and there are jewels for men, women, and children! Please feel free to browse the site as we offer jewels, music, youtube videos, & more! I hope you enjoy. 

Bimi, The Fairy Queen🌻✨

To learn more about my story, visit HERE.